About Frigian

Our History

The foundations of the Frigian project began in 2015 with the decision to code a pre-accounting application to meet the needs of the Freight Forwarding industry. The marketplace application was created to close the gap in online pricing in 2017. However, in order for the marketplace application to work actively, the lack of an integrated Transportation Management System was noticed and Frigian evolved into what it is today. It had now turned into a 100% integrated platform with a freight market. Real-time testing began in September 2018. In December 2018, the decision of incorporation was taken and Frigian Information Technology Services was established. Platform tests started in January 2019 with three Freight Forwarder companies. Frigian project has approved by the Istanbul Technopark as "Technopark Project" in July 2019. Then we moved to the office in Teknopark. In 2020, we started to accept customers commercially. As of 2021, we have reached 270 active users with 30 customer companies. As a TMS that includes import-export, complete, partial, and consolidation in Land, Air, Sea, and Train transportation modes. We have come to serve the entire freight forwarding industry. Our past experiences have helped us a lot in the search for digitalization that started with Covid, and at this point, pricing algorithms that have become more dynamic show that more digitalization is inevitable. As of 2021, we have pulled our Freight Market application to the beta level. When Frigian reaches 68 Freight Forwarder companies in each country, the Freight Marketplace will become active and these companies will be more advantageous. We calculated that we can manage 17 geographical regions around the world with 68 Freight Forwarder companies for an active freight management system. Of course, these companies that join Frigian early will have priority, but it will not be possible to keep this advantage forever. Competitive and up-to-date for a dynamic freight management system will be key to staying on this list.

Each freight forwarder member can view online pricing, online booking, and real-time freight tracking extensions on their sites with a 10-minute process. The Frigian team is designed and developed by a team of experts in logistics and information technologies. Our services are added to the system after passing real tests, and our platform continues to evolve with feedback and requests from each service provider.

Team Frigian

How To Join


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Depending on the number of employees in your company that will work with the Freigian platform, select your package and click on Register.


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Finish your membership process by making the payment. You can save %10 by yearly payment. Frigian guarantees that your account will be refunded if you opt out for one month from the date of membership.

Who We Are

Co-Founder, Ceo

Logistics coordinator and freight-forwarder team manager with more than 22 years experience in international logistics. Industry 4.0 and integration in logistics are high priority subjects for Seyfi.

Co-Founder, Cto

Software designer and developer and team manager with more than 25 years experience in IT. Best data modeling, performance tuning and integration are high priority subjects for Turaj.