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About Frigian

Our History

Frigian is recognized as the pioneer of digital transformation in the logistics industry. The company has developed an innovative and user-friendly logistics management system to meet the needs of the shipping industry. First, we closed the gaps in the sector by creating a pre-accounting application in 2015, and then with a marketplace application. However, we realized that an integrated transportation management system was needed for the freight marketplace application to work properly, and the Frigian project took its current form. Currently, we are in a pioneering position as a 100% integrated TMS platform that includes services such as import, export, complete, partial, and console in Frigian sea, air, and land transport modes. Our software offers services such as online pricing, online reservation, and real-time load tracking, and we can easily provide these services to companies that want to use them on their sites. As a pioneering company in the digital transformation of the logistics industry, Frigian is in a position to steer the industry.

Frigian is a platform that constantly evolves to meet the needs of its customers and maintain its competitive advantage. Thanks to our dynamic pricing algorithms, it plays a leading role for logistics companies in search of digitalization. It also has an integrated CRM system specially designed for the logistics industry. This system allows platform user companies to work more closely and interactively with their customers. Keeping up with the innovations in the logistics sector, keeping in mind that our customers are always our priority. We continue our efforts to provide a better service to our customers.

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Who We Are

Seyfi ARICI - Frigian
Co-Founder, Ceo

Logistics coordinator and freight-forwarder team manager with more than 22 years experience in international logistics. Industry 4.0 and integration in logistics are high priority subjects for Seyfi.

Turaj FARSI - Frigian
Co-Founder, Cto

Software designer and developer and team manager with more than 25 years experience in IT. Best data modeling, performance tuning and integration are high priority subjects for Turaj.