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Our Services

Cloud Modules

Dashboard : A snapshot from projects and assets
Cash Assets : Bank accounts and cash management
Price List : Uploading price list for fast offering
Offer : Generating fast offer and send to customer
Inland Carrier : Managing inland carriers status
Operation : Operating logistics activity
Console : Managing console project easily
Accounting : Controlling accounts activities
Quality Control : Check projects before archiving
Archive : Archiving finished projects
Messaging : In app and customers email messaging
Attachment : Attaching projects related papers

Cloud Services

Database : Saving data in replicated and separated area
Storage : Keeping documents in separated storage
Daily Backup : Keeping daily backups of data and files
Archiving : Keeping data and files for 10 years
Download : Downloading projects and activities periodically
Online Resize : Growing required storage any time
Changing Package : Up or downgrading package any time
Pay as you go : Paying just for what you use