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Best Price

Pay less by choosing the right package to manage your operations. You will not need to pay a setup fee.

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7 / 24 Support

You can send your request email at any time of the day and support staff will respond as soon as possible. Also sending feedback is available.

Why Frigian ?

By Frigian you will take the following advantages

Speed up Operations

Fast offer from uploaded price lists and easy and quick sending of messages and attachments to audiences

Avoid Mistakes

Alert and prevent the sending of incorrect or incomplete information as well as to the wrong persons


Integrated and automated managed data exchange with global transport systems for sending and updating cargos


Save and keep documents and attachments of each file separately and access to all of them during shipping operations

Total Solution

Perform all transportation operations from sales to operations and documentation to accounting and archiving

Online Booking/Tracking

Get booking based on uploaded prices and follow up by QrCode both on and on the company's own website

Cloud Archive

Store and maintain relevant information and attachments in the Frigian archive storage for a period of 10 years

Easy Training

Quick and easy tutorial on how to manage shipping files with paddock files and videos on the Frygian Channel on YouTube

7/24 Support

Receive support requests throughout the day from the support team and troubleshoot any problems as soon as possible

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