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Why Frigian ?

By Frigian you will take the following advantages

Error Prevention

Frigian's powerful and customizable TMS software ensures that errors are minimal. Our system recommends using the right data and at the right time at every step of the transport process, preventing errors from occurring. It prevents untrained personnel errors with automatic warnings and control mechanisms. Error Prevention feature saves your company both time and financial resources.

Cloud Archiving

No more document archiving problems! With Frigian's cloud archiving feature, all your documents are stored in one place and you can access them whenever you want. Save time and avoid waste of paper. Thanks to its abundant storage and secure cloud archiving system, Frigian makes your paperwork easier. Now you can get things done without having to deal with lost, confused, or damaged paperwork.


With Frigian, your logistics processes are now paperless. By storing your documents in the digital environment, we save time and cost. With Frigian, you can also adopt an environmentally friendly approach by performing your transactions without using paper.


It is a flexible system that can integrate seamlessly between different platforms. By using Frigian, you can manage every stage of your supply chain and carry out your business processes in an integrated way.

Fast Operations

Create your quotes quickly and simply. Easily add and store your documents. Quickly communicate with your customers with automated messages.

Total Solution

Manage all your logistics processes on a single platform with Frigian. Integrate your logistics operations and increase your efficiency with Frigian.

Easy To Learn

Thanks to its user-friendly interface and detailed application videos, Frigian is easily learned.

Discover frigian features by watching this short video