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Frigian Information Technologies Services

Frigian Information Services is a companion beyond technology. We empower our business partners in the logistics industry, supporting them on their digital transformation journeys with our innovative solutions. Contact us, and let's shape the future together.

Our Solutions

Deep Learning, Data Analytics, Algorithm

Deep Learning

At Frigian.net, we leverage artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies to maximize the efficiency of your business. Our advanced algorithms extract meaningful insights from datasets, supporting your business decisions.

Data Analytics

With our data analytics solutions, we transform complex data sets into simple and understandable information. We empower your strategic decision-making process with real-time data analyses.


Our expertise in algorithm development offers customized solutions to optimize your business processes. We develop innovative algorithms to solve your complex problems and improve your workflows.


Frigian Information Services is a game-changer in the transportation ecosystem! After we started using the ShipTier application, our perspective on the matter changed. Now, our focus is on how to reach more customers. Thanks, Frigian!

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